Our single-family rental (SFR) loan solutions are designed specifically for middle-market property investors like you. Do you typically purchase properties and hold for the long term? Or, do you buy properties to ‘fix and flip’ or ‘fix to rent’? Whatever your business plan, A10 Capital offers a range of single-family rental financing options to help you achieve success.

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How Our Single-Family Rental Loans Are Unique:

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Focused On Rental Income, Not Your Income

When your bank or lender qualifies your personal debt-to-income ratio, you know you’ll have to jump through hoops to obtain financing for your investment properties. Since A10 specializes in rental property financing, we underwrite your rental income, not your personal tax returns.

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Our long-term SFR loans are focused on your properties, not your personal financial statement. Non-recourse financing gives you peace of mind with no contingent liabilities to cloud your net worth. You’ll get better future borrowing capacity by not signing personal guarantees.

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In-House Servicing

A10 Capital keeps servicing in-house for the life of the loan. For clients needing assistance on escrows or payment issues to dealing with critical property level situations, A10 will be in your corner ready to help. Unlike almost all lenders in the space, A10 believes staying with our customers through the life of the loan is important so we can create a better lending relationship. We don’t sell your servicing to the highest bidder and force you to use third parties who don’t know you, your properties or your loans.

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Life Cycle Lending = A One-Stop Lender for Your Short- to Long-Term Needs

Life-cycle lending means we can provide financing solutions to rental property investors who would like to hold their properties long-term after they are rehabilitated. Our products are designed to assist our clients with a recourse bridge loan for acquisition/rehabilitation, ultimately transitioning to a long-term, non-recourse loan.

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One Lender, One Loan = Time and Money Saved

Combining multiple rental property loans into a single debt source helps reduce uncertainty and takes away the stress and administrative costs of managing individual loans on multiple properties with multiple lenders.

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No Lending Limits to Individual Borrowers

Other lenders such as Fannie and Freddie limit borrower level exposure to 5-10 properties, and that number is always changing. A10 has NO limits on the number of investment properties you can finance with us, and we streamline the process in-house from start to finish.

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Rental Property Loan Experts

When you work with A10, you work with a company dedicated to the industry and its borrowers. Our team focuses exclusively on investors and their rental properties. You won’t get shuffled around hoping to find someone who understands your business.

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Efficient and Quick Closings

We have built our whole lending process around a fast and effective “quote-to-close” structure, closing every loan in a timeframe that will meet your closing timeline.

What Borrowers are Saying...

“Great work everyone on this project. I have been in this business for over 20 years, and there are few moments where I meet such a courteous and understanding staff. I have worked with 100's of lenders on many different projects, and by far this ranks in my top 10 for level of service and attention. I was actually amazed. A definite recommended company in my book of business. Absolutely A-1!” Joe KadafSponsor of the Borrowing Entity

What Brokers are Saying...

“Working with A10 has been an excellent experience as I have found the people to be professional, knowledgeable and willing to find a work around to issues that come up in any deal. Most other lenders would have not spent the time and the energy to follow through on these issues to close the deal. It does not get any better than this and I have been in the industry for over 25 years. There is no question I would highly recommend them to anyone that is looking for a loan on SFR property.” Jeff JonesManaging Director at Square Lake Capital

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