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A10 Capital believes in making sure you have all of the data possible to make informed decisions about your properties. Please find our key lending terms below.

For any questions or needs that you have that are not addressed within these lending terms, please contact us by phone or email, as indicated to the right.

Non-Recourse Perm Loan Parameters

Situation Long-term, fixed-rate
Status Stabilized portfolio
Property Type Single-Family Detached, Condominiums, 2 - 4 Units and Townhomes
Estimated Interest Rate Competitive pricing
Origination Fee Determined by quality of properties, strength of sponsor, and loan characteristics
Loan Size Minimum of $500K to no maximum
Recourse None, except for standard carveouts
Loan Term 5 to 10 years
Amortization 30-year schedule (interest-only available)
Minimum DSCR 1.20x - based on A10 underwriting
Max LTV 70% (75% by exception)
Third Party Appraisals Required
Prepayment Yield maintenance or other flexible structures by request
Borrowing Entity Limited Liability Company
Escrows Required for taxes, insurance and anticipated capital expenditures
Non-Refundable Diligence Deposit Required for legal, appraisal, title and other loan costs
Location Restrictions apply with respect to certain states
Assumability Yes
FICO Minimum of 680