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To help us stimulate the economy and win the war against the invisible enemy 

Please note, filling out this application is not a guarantee to receive funds under the Paycheck Protection Program.

    Please select the application form you would like to use below:

Sole Proprietors EZ

This process is fast,
easy, and conservative.
Your Loan Amount will be
calculated off of 
1040 Schedule-C Line 31
Itemized PPP Form

This process requires
an accountant, payroll
service, and/or excellent
bookkeeping skills and 
organized records. Your
Loan Amount will be
calculated off of W-3 or 
Sole Proprietors Itemized PPP Form

Business Information

The primary contact listed below will receive the DocuSign application. Please enter an authorized signatory for the applicant company as the Primary Contact.

Other allowable expenses include: Payroll Costs, Interest on Mortgage Debt, Interest on other debt obligations incurred before 2/15/2020, health insurance premiums

Applicant Qualification

If questions (1) or (2) below are answered "Yes," the loan will not be approved.

Please select "Yes" if you or the Applicant Business or any Owner has an ownership stake or common management with any other business. Addendum A will be made available prior to finalizing your application.

If questions (5) or (6) are answered “Yes” the loan will not be approved.

Calculate Your Loan Amount Below:

  1. 2019 Form W3
  2. 2019 Labor Distribution/Payroll Reports

  1. Q2 2019 - Q1 2020 Form 941
  2. Q2 2019 - Q1 2020 Labor Distribution/Payroll Reports

  1. 1st Quarter 2020 Form 941
  2. 1st Quarter 2020 Labor Distribution/Payroll Reports
Please enter the following items from your W3, 941, Labor Distribution/Payroll Reports. For Sole Proprietors and Eligible Self Employed individuals, please use 1040 Schedule C, line 31. 
Total Wages, Tips, Other Compensation (Form W3 Line 5 OR Form 941 Line 5c)
Please enter total annual eligible payroll costs from the A10 Payroll Calculator below:
Do not enter commas.


Adding the following items for the Itemized Long Form Application will require that you are able to calculate these expenses from itemized payroll reports.




Adjusted Annual Payroll
Adjusted Q1 2020 Payroll
÷ 12 x 2.5
÷ 3 x 2.5





Please note, the loan amount will be rounded to the nearest $100 increment. This amount will be reflected on your final DocuSign application. 

After the Loan Forgiveness period ends, you will need to provide proof of 24 weeks of payments for the following items:
  • Payroll Costs
  • Interest Paid on Mortgage Obligations
  • Rent Payments on Leases
  • Utility Payments

The total of the allowable expenses above will be forgiven from the PPP loan amount upon accurate and timely submission.

We will provide access to an online portal used to calculate your forgiveness amount and submit supporting documentation.

Note that non-payroll costs cannot exceed 40% of the forgiveness amount.