A10 Capital is not affiliated with any social media account or provider soliciting fees for referring potential applicants to A10 Capital to apply for Paycheck Protection Program Loans. Potential applicants may apply directly to A10 Capital for a PPP Loan through this website and are not required to pay a referral fee to A10 Capital, any social media account or provider, or any other third party. Any social media account soliciting fees regarding PPP Loans and claiming or implying a referral relationship with A10 Capital is fraudulent. Recently fraudulent social media accounts have been soliciting referral fees from unsuspecting potential PPP Loan applicants using digital cash payment apps and then directing those potential applicants to A10 Capital’s website. Such social media accounts are not affiliated with A10 Capital and are not agents, employees, or contractors of A10 Capital. A10 Capital does not contract with or accept or collect any referral fees from any such social media accounts, providers, or any other third party. Any fees paid to any social media account, provider, or other third party by a potential PPP Loan applicant is paid at the potential applicant’s sole risk and expense, will not be refunded, reimbursed, or credited in any manner by A10 Capital to potential applicant, and does not guarantee in any way that the potential applicant’s PPP Loan will be approved.